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Sad announcement from Power Challenge

On May 16, 2016, Power Soccer blew the full time whistle for the final time.

It has been an 11 year adventure filled with tons of emotion, fun and the occasional bout of frustration. Those of you who remember the early years will know what a journey we have all been on, from the crude pinball-like game back in 2005 to the realistic product towards the end. But while the game has improved in playability, we have not been able to attract the audience the game deserved.

Instead of saying goodbye to your friends, we would like to offer you a suggestion. Continue to be part of the Power Soccer community in our sister game, ManagerZone. We have created a Federation (similar to our Clans, but with no upper limit on member count) in ManagerZone to which you are all invited – contact powdersnow through his ManagerZone guestbook to get an invite. That gives us a chance to recreate the community we had here on Power Soccer, but in ManagerZone instead.

For many of us who work as developers, this marks the end of a dream we have been part of for more than a decade. We know that many of you are just as heartbroken as we are. We have been blessed with many passionate users who have been with us through good times and bad, not to mention our volunteers who worked so hard on building our community.

We hope to see you in ManagerZone.

And if not, we wish you all the best!

/ Power Soccer Crew